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Windows 7 Mainstream Support Ended By Microsoft

tech support phone number for windows 7

With the arrival of the latest Windows 10, Microsoft ended the free support for Windows 7. This is basically done by Microsoft to make almost all Microsoft users updated with its latest technology. Though Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows 7, yet there are many users who are still using Windows 7. Windows 7 OS interface is still considered as the easiest interface due to which users have great affection with it and, so they cannot switch to another OS. After ending of Windows 7 mainstream supports, users started looking for technical customer support for Windows 7 with independent service providers to find immediate solutions.

Ending of Mainstream support signifies that Windows 7 is not going to receive any new features of update. Though Windows 7 will get security updates till January 14, 2020. With the end of mainstream support users are not going to have free online technical support for Windows 7 as phone or online support. However, users can easily avail the paid support from Microsoft for this OS. Now, users will not be able to have preinstalled Windows 7 OS with PCs or laptops. Read more about How to Get Windows Technical Support Services?

With such a great changes, users need to be worried because users can still get an easy support for this Windows and this is possible with independent service provides. You can have any type of support for Windows whose support has been ended by Microsoft. You can have the support with these independent service providers by calling on their toll free number. They offer support as Windows technical support where you can have the support for any of Windows version you are using.

Likewise Windows 7 version, Windows 8 services are also expected to get end by Microsoft on January 9, 2018. Anyway, you needn’t worry, as solution path will always remain with you by the help of technical support companies. Intelli Atlas is also one of a renowned technical support company from where you can get the expert tech solutions for windows issues. Their solution services are available 24*7, so you can call them at any moment to have the right solutions. You can also connect with their technical experts to have any type of information related to Windows. Their well versed technicians knows well about the OS issues, so you can freely trust on them to have the fast and accurate solution for any of the technical issues with OS you are using. Read more about Is It End Of The Road For Windows 7 Tech Support?

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