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Windows 10 Mac: Parallels desktop 11

Parallels support for Mac

Microsoft has updated its Windows 10 recently and the software is getting positive rave reviews from users all around the globe, even from Mac fans. As a result of this now Mac users can simply install Windows 10 on their MacBook in an effortless manner and enjoy the pleasant features effortlessly. In this piece of writing, you will also know about how to use Parallels 11 on Windows 10. In order to this while installing the software if you confront any sort of issue, then you can take help from Mac technical experts and get your Windows 10 Mac issues resolved.

Mac online technical support is available 24*7*365 to resolve any type of issues related to your Mac parallel desktop 11. The experts offered by Mac online support knows their work in an efficient manner and resolves all installation issues in minutes. Along with this, Microsoft premium tech support is also available for all its users using any of the Microsoft products. Windows online Support is always open which help you on all Microsoft products. The specialized Windows professionals devotedly go through the problems and analyze them through troubleshooting tools and also give some suggestions as well.

Microsoft provides a Windows 10 ISO file which holds all the files needed to create an installation DVD or flash drive in one single file. Simply go to Microsoft official page and follow the steps below:

  • Choose Windows 10
  • Tap on Confirm.
  • Choose the preferred language in the new drop down box.
  • Tap on Confirm again.
  • Tap on 32-bit Download or 64-bit Download most will want the 64-bit Download version.

The file will download. In case you are not able to download the file, then you can take Parallels support for Mac from a reliable third party technical support providing company and get quality solutions for the same.

To run Windows 10 Technical Preview with Parallels Desktop

  • First of all, download and install Parallels Desktop 10 trial version on your Mac from the Parallels .
  • After this, register to become a Windows Insider and download the ISO file tool.
  • Now, launch Parallels Desktop. Opt for New from the File menu. This will start the Parallels Wizard.
  • Tap on "Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file," then tap to continue.
  • Parallels should robotically find your downloaded Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file. In case it doesn't, tap the Locate Manually button. Once you've selected it, tap to continue.
  • On the Windows Technical Preview download page, copy and paste the Windows Product Key Microsoft lists.
  • For productivity, games, design, or software development tap on the icon that describes how you plan to use Windows. Tap to continue.
  • Give your virtual machine an expressive name and note how much space you need for the installation. Confirm your hard drive has plenty of space, and then tap to continue.
  • Depending on the speed of your Mac Parallels Desktop then goes through the process of installing Windows 10 Technical Preview.
  • Once Microsoft Windows 10 is installed, Parallels Desktop also installs its own software to integrate Windows better with the Mac. After this don't forget tosee Parallels Tools install themselves, and watch the virtual Windows environment restart and reset its video settings as it happens.

For more quality solutions visit the official website of Parallels and get relevant solutions to install Windows in an efficient manner. Read more:

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