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Windows 10 Installation On Parallels Desktop 11 For Mac

Mac technical support for parallels

Parallels Desktop 11 is the latest version of Parallels that supports Windows 10 on OS X EI Capitan that can be available on the basis of annual subscription or for desktop edition. This Parallels Desktop 11 makes the users to have latest Windows OS and Mac OS X at the same time on Mac. Many users are successfully using Windows 10 on Mac with the help of Parallels latest version. But, still there are some Mac users who are unable to install Windows 10 successfully on Windows 10. Here, users should dial an expert technical support telephone number for Mac to have successful installation of Windows 10 on Mac.

However, if you are currently using Windows on Mac and want to have the latest Windows, then you can go through this article post have an easy procedure for the installation of Windows 10 on Mac. Read also  

Let’s go through the instructions shown here:

  • First you need to have installation image with product key for Windows 10.
  • Now, with VM wizard download Windows 10.
  • Start your Parallels Desktop and then click on install Windows from files of image or DVD and click on Continue.
  • Now, installation media is detected by wizard automatically.
  • Enter the product key for Windows and choose Express Installation.
  • Now, you need to choose VM profile to have better performance.
  • Indicate name and location on Mac for Windows 10.
  • Now, if you also want to have other users’ accounts on Mac to have Windows 10 installation access then choose the option as Share with other users of this Mac.
  • Now, start installation process.
  • After completing of installation process Windows automatically restart and Parallels automatically get installed successfully.
  • If all these things do not happen successfully, then you can have Mac technical support for Parallels to have perfect installation with no hassle. 

These all above steps are surely going to make you to have successful installation of Windows 10 on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 11. After successful installation if you face any type of issues with your Mac, then you can dial a Parallels technical support number to have the complete resolution to all the issues that you are facing with Windows 10 or Mac OS X on Parallels desktop 11. If you are getting problem in accessing Windows 10, then you can also call on Windows technical support number. Read also

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