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Why Apple Users Are Not Happy With The Changes For 2016 Macbook Pro?

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Apple is known for producing a series of MacBook products, in which MacBook Air and MacBook Pro was recently updated. Users all across the world are using it successfully, but at the same time many users complained for lots of issues with MacBook. And for the MacBook errors they frequently need to call on technical support number for Apple products to find the solution. Apple re-launched MacBook in 2015 as MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Though users are using these notebooks, yet there are many users who are not satisfied with its features. Thus, Apple is now coming soon with 2016 MacBook Pro so that users can have more advanced and modified features as compared to Macbook that came earlier. First you know about the Apple MacBook Pro, visit here for detail

There were many more software and hardware features about which users have frequently complained and asked for tech customer support phone number for MacBook  to modify its features. It does not mean that Apple laptops are not completely fit for the users. It is perfect, but there some minor features that disappointed Apple users, and thus users are not so happy with the changes for 2016 MacBook Pro.

One of the major complain that users made with Apple laptops was its USB-C where it comprises of four ports which are more than 12 inch MacBook, but no one of the port are much useful. Due to this, users need to carry number of adapters to plug-in the devices, like iPhone, digital camera, pen drive and outer display.

Some Apple fans have also complained for 12 inch MacBook keyboard that has thinner butterfly switches that makes the users to have rough typing. Its touch pad also makes the users uncomfortable with the use of keyboard.

Its OLED function bar in touch pad only make the actual retina display with slightly black color that may shows the appearance like garbage. Another issue that users find is that the physical key of Escape, which is not going to be in the keyboard that could become more critical when OLED touch pad crashes.

These are some of the trouble and expectations that has been made by the Apple users with the rumor of 2016 MacBook Pro and with the laptops MacBook Air and Pro that came earlier.

However, with all these drawbacks you can’t confirm that 2016 MacBook Pro will not be much advanced because it has still not launched. Apple has gathered all the snags of laptops and it is working lot to present the best laptops among the Apple users, so that there could not be chances of making complain. So just calm down and wait for the latest Apple laptops. Read more about to fix a noisy MacBook Pro fan

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