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What To Do When You Are Unable To Update Windows 7?

Windows 7 Tech Customer Support Helpdesk

Windows 7 easy interface has made the users get stuck with it. Even after the announcement of the end of Windows 7 support, many users are still using this Windows 7. With a research, it has been observed that 40 percent of Windows users are using Windows 7 which may decrease because many are still trying to switch to Windows 10 version. Several issues have been observed on Windows 7 update that can be resolved with Windows 7 online tech support phone number. Read more about Windows 7:

Mainstream support for Windows 7 has been ended but it extended support will continue till 2020. Now, a user who wants to switch to the latest Windows OS needs to make a fresh installation. With convenience roll up many of the updates have been released as service pack 1that needs to install. Here, you should dial a helpline and tech support for Windows to have an error free upgrading. However, you can also go through this article post to have a proper installation of Windows update issues.

Update with fresh installation

• Install Windows 7 service pack 1before updating it.

• Now, install a prerequisite patch to have convenience roll up as KB3125574 and KB3020369.

• Download and install KB3020369.

• Again download the correct version of convenience rollup KB3125574 as according to the configuration of your system.

• You can also use Microsoft update catalog to download and install KB3125574.

• Now, you need to restart your PC.

• Run updates for Windows and choose whether to download or install.

• Now, you need to check for updates. Updates download may take about 1 or two hours, so you need not worry. Here, you may find 50 to 70 updates.

• Apply all these updates and reboot your system.

• Repeat all these updates to have a complete installation of all updates.

After going through these steps, if you find any error then you need to go through the steps as shown below:

• Close the Windows update window.

• Stop the service for Windows update.

• Run command prompt as an administrator.

• Enter the command shown on the desktop.

• To sort out Windows update issues, you need to run Microsoft fix it tools.

• Now, install the latest version of Windows update issues.

• Restart your PC and run Windows update again.

With all these ways of Windows 7 installation, you can successfully get rid of all the issues that you get while updating Windows 7. If you are looking for an easy installation process, then you can call Windows technical support number.

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