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What To Do When Windows Defender Do Not Turn On?

technical support for Windows defender

Windows Defender is antimalware software that comes inbuilt with various Windows operating system like Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. This software scans and removes various harmful elements present in your system. Recently, on Windows 10 upgrade many users rolled for not working of Windows Defender and many reported that Windows Defender is unable to get turn on. You can have a technical support for Windows Defender to receive a fast and perfect solution for this problem.

There are many scenarios of not turning on of Windows Defender, about which you must know so that you could not face any security threat for your system. Here, with an expert technical support for Windows 10 you can know about the different scenario with their solution. However, you can also focus on this article to know about various situations with Windows defender along with their solutions. So, let’s go through that:

Windows Defender does not turn on due to other installed antivirus software

This antimalware protection software has been designed to get turned off if it detects any third party antivirus software. It has been designed so because there can be conflicts between these software when both of these programs work together. So, if you want your Windows Defender to get turn on, then you need to uninstall third-party antivirus software from your system.

Sometimes users are not aware that any antivirus software is installed in their system or not. So, to find it you need to have Driver Agent Plus software for this you can follow the procedure shown below:

• Download Driver Agent Plus.

• After complete downloading of Driver Agent Plus, you need to start this software.

• Now, click on Start scan button and allow Driver Agent Plus to download all drivers.

• Now, press Windows key and Q together.

• Type Windows Defender, and then press Enter.

• Now go to Settings and make a right mark on Turn on real-time protection.

Windows Defender does not turn on due to incorrect date and time

This software does not work properly because of incorrect date and time of your PC. In order to fix these issues, you need to check your date and time whether it’s correct or not. So, set correct time before turning on your Windows Defender.

Windows Defender does not function well when Windows is not updated

You should update your Windows because update can sort out many types of issues. Here, you should check for Windows update and, then you should perform full updates. After having full updates, you again need to open your Windows Defender and then you again need to update it.

These are some of the conflicts that could obstruct in turning on Windows update. So, you should always check for these things if you find trouble with Windows Defender.

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