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What To Do When Windows 7 Update Is Not Working?

Windows 7 Technical Support

Sometimes, it happens that some Windows update fails to install and frequently refuses installation even if you try a couple of times. If you are also getting this trouble of Windows 7 update installation and not working on Windows update, then you can dial a toll-free of Windows 7 update not working support phone number. With this support number, you can have an instant solution for this issue. However, you may also go through this article post to have a solution for this problem. So let’s have a look at the solution procedure as shown here.

Solution for Windows updates not working:

• If you fail to have Windows update, then you need to clear cache, and temp file. Now, you need to reboot your system and try again. You can also use CCleaner and Disk cleanup utility.

• Disable antivirus and firewall completely.

• Try to update installation twice or thrice. If it works, then all right otherwise you can have the assistance of Windows 7 technical support to get it done in a perfect manner.

• Now, search for patch update with varied KB numbers and download it. Now, apply this update manually.

• Use Windows update troubleshooter and reset Windows update settings as default.

• Use the FixWU tool and see whether it works or not. It will register various files which are corrupted.

• Now, run system update readiness tool by the help of which issues can be fixed that are obstructing in update installation.

• Now right click on Computer>Manage>Services > stops cryptographic services and rename it as Cartoo2. Now, reboot your system to have update installation.

• If you are still facing a problem, then you need to go to C: /Windows/Windows update.log and look for the most recent entry. This you can find toward the end of the log. You will find an error code in front of failed updates. Note it down. However, if you find many entries, then you need to delete this Windows update log.

• Now, flush all software distribution folders.

With all these steps, you are surely going to have a solution for Windows 7 update, not working issues. However, if you want to have more help for this Windows update not working or installation issues, then you can dial a Windows technical support number to have complete assistance for all Windows 7 update issues. With their expert, you can also have a solution for any Windows issues just through their toll-free number.

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