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What To Do When Quicken Does Not Responds While Updating It On Windows Vista?

Phone Support for Not Responding Quicken

Quicken is known as the personal finance software that does varied activities for managing financial tasks, like online bills payment, banking download, check books balance, online money transfer, budget reports, create invoices and estimates, tax deduction preparation, prepare business reports, and much more. With such a great utilities, what will happen if it suddenly starts malfunctioning or unable to get on? It will make your all the business tasks to stop and you will need to have an Online Tech help for Quicken to get out of this critical situation. Read for more info:

Some Windows Vista users have complained that their Quicken is not responding after updating it on their Windows Vista. Quicken automatically stops just after installation reach to a certain point. While you just open the Task Manager by pressing the key Ctrl, Alt and Delete together, the Quicken upgrading application appear with the status ‘Not Responding’. Here, you cannot uninstall the program because it does not show you that application is not running and cancelling the software may cause damage. This trouble can be resolved either with an Online tech phone number for not responding Quicken or you may also go through this article post to have the solution.

To keep the update process continued, follow the steps as shown below:

  • With the Windows task manager, don’t click on End Now.
  • Let the install update to continue.
  • As according to the configuration of your system, this process can take the time 30 minutes or more to get complete.

However, if you have cancelled the installation update by clicking on End Now, then you can have the manual patch.

  • For Quicken version download Manual Patch file and save to the location of your hard drive.
  • Now, right click on window desktop and choose Run as.
  • In the Run as Window, choose ‘the following users’.
  • Now, go to the drop down arrow and choose ‘the User name’ and choose the administrator.
  • Now, enter the administrator password in the Password box and click on OK.
  • Now, click on Allow.
  • Now, you need to go through the on screen prompts to update Quicken.

In this way, you can get resolved your Quicken not responding issue while updating it on your Windows Vista. You may also call on Quicken technical support number to find the prompt solution directly with proficient experts or read at

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