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What To Do When 27” Imac Won’t Turn On After Power Outage?

Tech Customer Support for Apple iMac

Apple iMac is a series of Macintosh desktop computers which is known for strong and innovative features due to which it has a massive number of users worldwide. 27” iMac is the latest release of Apple for iMac that comes with Retina display and 10.10 Mac OS version. The latest iMac has really astonished the users with its bigger display and latest features. But, at the same time, some users have complained that their iMac is not getting on after the power cut. There could be many reasons for iMac not getting turn on, so you should immediately look for solution with tech customer support phone number for iMac.

However, you may also go through this article post when 27” Retina display iMac do not start.

  • Check whether you Mac is turn on or not

Turn on your iMac, if it does not show any sign of getting turn on, then you need to follow the steps as below:

  • Check the power connection in a proper way.
  • Try another adaptor or power cord.
  • Detach the accessories such as USB hubs and printers.
  • If you have recently installed new hard drive or new memory be sure that they are installed properly and are compatible with your iMac.
  • In recovery mode run Disk Utility

If your display work and doesn’t boot, then it may be due to any hard drive issue. Here, you need to run Disk Utility in OS X Recovery mode. Keep holding down the Command and R button together to have the Mac back up and go for the Mac verification process. Here, you can call on toll-free number to have expert support and help for Apple products to get it done in a very easy way. Read also

  • Safely boot the Mac

Here, you need to shut down Mac, and then need to start it while holding down the Shift key. This will start your safe booting which may take some time. Now, if Mac show any start up, then you need to restart your iMac from the Apple menu.

  • Have file consistency check

Shut down Mac and again turn it on while holding the Command and S together and wait until the prompt for command line appears. Now, type fsck -fy and click on Return and wait for sometimes. Now, you will get a message where you need to press on Return. Here, you need to type reboot and hit enter. This will restart your iMac perfectly.

So, this way you can turn on your 27” iMac in a very simple way. However, if you are looking for more easy method, then you can call on Apple technical support number to find complete solution. You can also read Why You Should Not Prefer to Buy an iMac Every Time? at

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