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Upgrade The Ssd With Retina Display In Your Macbook Pro

Apple Technical Support Number for MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is actually a line of Macintosh portable computers which was introduced in the year 2006. This MacBoook Pro comes with built-in retina display that makes you to have display with higher density. This gives you an amazing and an incredible viewing experience. Sometimes users may get trouble with Retina display when SSD completely gets filled with large number of files. In this situation, users need to replace SSD and need to upgrade new SSD with Retina Display. This you can easily do either by making call on Apple online technical support number for MacBook Pro or with the procedure shown in this article post. Read more about how to fix MacBook black screen at start-up at

Process to upgrade SSD with Retina Display

  • First, create the back up of MacBook Pro so that you could not lose any file.
  • Now, open the bottom cover of MacBook Pro along with your Retina Display. Here, you need to open 10 screws, so keep it safely.
  • Now, you need to remove the screw that is holding the SSD place.
  • Now, smoothly remove the SSD card.
  • Now, insert the new SSD in MacBook Pro and screw there properly, so that it could be fixed properly.
  • Open enclosure of the external drive and insert inside the old SSD and screw properly. This is too important for restoring your files.
  • Now, you need to turn on your MacBook while keep pressing on Command and R together. This will start the process of internet recovery which may take some time.
  • Now get connected with Wi-Fi and go through the process to restore operating system of Mac.
  • Complete the re-installation process or restore it from Time Machine backup.
  • Now, connect your OWC external drive that you used earlier to your Mac using USB cable.
  • Open the Application on your Mac and, then go to the Utilities folder and start Migration assistant.
  • Now, go through the further procedure to transfer old SSD data to Mac. It will take time depending on the size of the files.
  • You also have great option to have support with Apple certified MacBook expert technical support number to have perfect solution with no delay.

After completing all these procedure, your Mac will restart. Now, your Mac desktop should appear as same as earlier before swapping old SSD. Now, you can erase all the files stored in your device and could use it as the external storage.

With the above upgrading process, you can successfully upgrade your new SSD with Retina Display. While going through these procedures, if you get any kind of trouble, then you can call on Apple technical support number. See also Steps to Repair Not Clicking MacBook Pro Trackpad

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