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Things You Should Know About Mac Mini

mac mini support phone number

Mac mini is Apple’s tiny and the least expensive desktop computer with a perfect entry model that compels the PC users to switch from the Macintosh. It is a very compact personal computer that runs Mac OS X operating and comes with no, keyboard, and mouse. But does the machine really meet your requirement. Do you wonder if the Mac Mini fits your requirements? Here it’s quite easy, as you can dial Mac mini support phone number to know more about the device in details.

In addition to the technical details, you can also find some information over some certified techniques to address issues if you come across while using the machine.

Let’s go through that:

Price is same as 2005

With the increase in its features, its price also enhances, but it again reached back to initial price. It follows the iMac strategy to provide the complete features with Mac mini and the clock speed same as MacBook Air.

Easily upgradable

Mac mini cannot be easily upgraded to boost up the RAM. Apple has provided tamperproof screws inside Mac mini that can be easily upgraded with much effort. However, if you find it challenging to upgrade Mac mini, then don’t worry, you can have a certified solution from independent technicians by dialing a MacBook technical support phone number to find the perfect solution. Read more at

No need to off self-server configuration

Apple earlier provides Mac mini comes with pre-installed OS X with an i7 processor, 2.3 GHz quad-core with two of one TB internal hard disk. But, now it is available with external Thunderbolt 2 that is much faster than the earlier version of Thunderbolt.

You can have a 4 k display with Mac mini

You can have a connection of display of two Thunderbolt displays through two ports. With the Mac mini, you can have the display of 2560 *1600 pixels. And an HDMI port that is present in Mac mini makes you have a 4k display.


HD Graph is not much strong


If you are looking to utilize Mac mini to play interesting games, then it will be somewhat difficult as it consists of Graphic 5000 of Intel due to which you could not have full HD display.

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Mac mini do not have disc drive

Mac mini is of small size, so it is difficult to create disc drive. It is not a big issue as MacBook Retina also does not have an optical drive.

These are some of the Mac mini features that you must know before owning this Mac mini so that you can perfectly decide whether Mac mini fits the need of your task or not. You may also call on an Apple technical support or visit website to know more about Mac mini. Read also

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