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Things Needed To Make Your PC Ready For Windows 10 Installation

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Windows 10 as the most recent operating system is functioning in a great way with a large number of users worldwide. Now, its’ update has also arrived as an Anniversary update Windows version 1607, so that users can easily get rid of all the bugs that they were getting after Windows 10 installation. Even with all these updates, there are some users who have still not upgraded their Windows operating system as they are getting trouble in modifying their PC as per the requirement of Windows 10 installation. Here, users can call on customer support helpdesk number for a Windows 10 to know about the complete things needed to make your PC ready for Windows 10 installation. All related issues of Windows 10, you can find out here:

Before upgrading your PC, you need to check for your latest Windows installation compatibility. If you PC fulfill all the needs of Windows installation, then you can dial a toll-free online technical support number for number Windows for proper installation of latest Windows OS on your system. So, let’s know about the things that are needed to make your PC ready for Windows 10 OS installation. Let’s go through that:

First, you need to check compatibility

This will make you sure that whether your PC meets Windows 10 requirements or not. So, have a look at it:

• Your PC should have an operating system of 7SP1or Windows 8.1.

• It should have CPU with a speed of minimum 1GHZ.

• It should have RAM of 1GB for 32-bit and for 63-bit, it should be 2GB RAM.

• Disc space should be 16 GB and 20 GB for 23-bit and 64-bit OS respectively.

• It should have a display resolution of 800*600.

Create the backup of all personal files and data

Before performing any important OS upgrading, you should always create the backup of all important data. Remember that this backup should not be located on your PC. Create the backup with your external devices like USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

Create the lists of licenses and programs

Prepare the list of all the programs with their license keys. These license keys are a series of numbers or letters provided by developers. These license keys are needed when you need to make re-installation of any of the programs again on your PC.

Collect the hardware drivers

With Windows, some of the hardware is not compatible due to which hardware vendors may produce the latest upgraded hardware that you can use with your latest operating system.

These are the things which are essentially needed before proceeding with Windows 10 installation. However, if you want to have more information and help for Windows 10 then you can dial a toll-free number of Windows technical support number.

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