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Resolve The Compatibility Issue Of Norton Antivirus With Windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1 is an updated version of Windows 8 operating system. In Windows 8, there were much more bugs due to which Microsoft released Windows 8.1 as the perfect and advanced version of Windows 8. But still, there are some users who are getting trouble while using this updated version of Windows 8. While after installing an antivirus program on their system, some of them reported for compatibility issue with varied antivirus programs like Norton, McAfee, and other antivirus programs. In this situation, they frequently needed to dial a toll-free number technical support for Antivirus to find a prompt solution for any antivirus error.

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The compatibility issue usually occurred while after updating to 8.1 Windows. Norton Antivirus is known as the best antivirus program that is compatible with almost every device. But, this was not so with this Windows as many users faced compatibility error on installing Norton Antivirus program. However, if any new OS released, some types of incompatibility issues may happen while using the latest release. But, nothing to worry as you can easily fix this issue either by calling tech support phone number for Norton Antivirus or by going through the process shown in this article post. Let’s go through the steps shown here:

  • Go to the website of Norton Antivirus program.
  • Here, you will be prompted to sign in to Norton if you have not already signed in to Norton account. Here, you need to type your email address and password and then need to click on sign-in. However, if you are not having a Norton account then you to create an account by completing the signup process.
  • Now, go to the setup window and then enter a new product key.
  • Now, you need to enter a product key. If you have obtained CD as boxed product, then you can find the key either inside the box, on the back of CD as a or as a print on a card.

Your product key is only a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters with no special characters.

  • Now, you will be directed to download your product.
  • Once downloading is completed, your product gets added to your account. Now, here you can to manage your complete services and downloads for various devices.
  • You can also dial a toll-free number of helpline tech supports for Antivirus for Norton to get all these activities to be done in an easy way.

Hope, all these steps will help you in a perfect way. However, if you want to have some another service for any antivirus program on your Windows then you can connect with Antivirus technical support experts. Know more about Norton Antivirus:

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