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Resolve Outlook Express Mail Sending Issues

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Outlook Express is an advanced and free email program which was developed by Microsoft that allows you to send, receive, store and manage your complete email messages. It comes bundled with Internet Explorer browser features. Its’ emailing features are too easy to use, but there may be some conditions in which you could face trouble in accessing your inbox, outbox, unable to download attachments or any other issues. In this condition, you can have a expert help for Microsoft Outlook to sort out any kind of issues with Outlook Express. Read more about What to do When Outlook Freezes While Sending Mail? at

Many users get problem in sending mail due to which their important task gets obstructed. You can overcome Outlook Express out going email issues by going through the procedures shown in this article post and could keep the trouble away forever. Let’s go through some solutions for sending mail issue with Outlook Express.

  • Here, you first need to check the settings of outgoing mail server.
  • Now, select Tools or Account from the menu and choose the preferred accounts and click on Properties.
  • With same tab make the verification that My server Requires Authentication is checked. Now, go to the settings to specify your username and password which should be different from incoming mail records.
  • With the advanced tab make sure that the server required a secure connection is checked properly with outgoing mail (SMTP).
  • Now, check the port for Outgoing Mail. Typical ports usually have “25” and “465”.
  • Make sure that folder of Sent Items is not too large.
  • To check its size you need to go to the store folder of Outlook Express and check the size in Sent Items.dbx files.
  • Move the message of sent Items folder to another folder in Outlook Express and set up a folder for all mail sent in a year.
  • Now rename the corrupted Outbox.dbx file.

Open Outlook Express folder and rename the Outbox.dbx file as Outbox. old file. Now, you cannot access any message in your “old” Outbox folder.

  • If renaming has fixed your problem, then you can delete Outbox.old file.

This way, your email sending issue is resolved with your Outlook express. However, if you are using Windows XP, then you can have technical support phone number for Microsoft Office 2007. Their experts will make you know that how you can resolve the email sending issues in your Outlook Express. Related article Repair Applications in Microsoft Office 2007

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