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Resolve Graphic Cards Issues On Imac

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Apple has produced range of Macintosh desktop computers that is known for advanced and innovative technology. But, when these iMac turned in to flat screen then machines started suffering with some of the problems, like overheating, noisy fan. Some were getting problem with hard drive, DVD drive or power failure. Here, in this situation users frequently needed to call on technical customer support number for iMac to find quick resolution of their issues. There were many more bugs that users get with iMac. Graphic Card present in iMac also created many issues.

Due to Graphic Card trouble upper edge of display look tinted which further create problem with hard drive and DVD drive. These issues were also common with game consoles and notebook. These effects basically happen due to bending of logic board which is a connection between the chips and the little pins. This not only shows the strip on your screen but also sometimes it freezes your system. These all issues can be fixed permanently with ‘reballing’ for doing which you can dial a expert technical phone support for Apple to avoid these issues in a perfect way.

You can also have solution of Graphic issues with the help of Ubuntu. To have solution with Ubuntu, you first need to install Ubuntu on your iMac. After completing installation of Ubuntu you need to disable KMS. You can do this at the boot-time which is used by Ubuntu after every startup. Here, you need to edit file, and then need to execute it after every time you see Ubuntu on your screen. This will resolve the Graphic card issues to some extent. Read also

With Ubuntu you can update driver, which is somewhat tricky, so you can dial a toll-free number of iMac customer service phone number to have the perfect procedure of updating driver. Sometimes it may also happen that while you update or install Ubuntu then you may experience some problem with your Graphic card. These problems can be resolved by changing the settings of Kernel Model. See also

With the tips and suggestions shown here, you can resolve all issues with your graphic card. However, if you are looking for an easy procedure to have Graphic card issues resolution then you can dial an Apple technical support number to find perfect solution methods. Their highly advance technical experts will help you in a great way to provide you easy and effective solution.

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