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Resolve Audio Issues In Windows 10

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Windows as the most pioneering and latest Windows has created lots of enthusiasm among the users with its amazing features. But, at the same time, it has also created lots of bugs among the users due to which users have too often consult helpdesk customer support number for Windows 10 to find the instant solutions. An audio issue is also one of the major issues about which users have criticized. However, there is nothing to be panic as with this article post you will come to know about the perfect ways of getting solution of common audio issues. Just click here for more Windows 10 problems:

Let’s go through varied steps to find audio issues solutions:

  • First, you need to check the sound settings

Here, you first need to make sure that whether you have muted Windows or not. Now, you need to check your plugs, cables, headphone connections, or any other connection related to audio. this does not resolve your problem then you can also simply take help from connect with tech support 24*7 for Windows 10 sound issues and Windows certified technicians resolve the issue in minutes.

  • Make the re-installation of audio drivers

Driver issues are common with every device, so it is also with Windows. Here, you need to check for drivers update. If any update is needed, then you need to do it. For doing this, you need to go to the Start menu > Device Manager>, and then you need to make right click on Sound Driver. Now, browse to the Driver tab and click on Roll Back Driver. This will give you option for either update or re-installation.

  • Update IDT High Definition

This issue can be fixed with manual driver updates that make you to use sound driver. For you need to click on Start menu> Device and find IDT High Definitions Audio Codec, then click on Update Driver Software.

  • Disable Audio Enhancer

Here, you need to search for Sound Control Panel and right click on default device and choose Properties. Now, click on Enhancement tab and check Disable all enhancements, and then click on Apply.

  • Restart service for Audio

Type Services in taskbar search box and Press Enter. Now, go to the Windows Audio and restart it by making double click on it, and then select Start. This will restart audio service automatically.

  • Run Audio Troubleshooter

Here, you need to click on Control Panel>Troubleshooting> Troubleshoot Audio Playback, and then go through the instructions.

With all these above steps, you can easily troubleshoot the problem of Audio. However, if you are still getting trouble then you need to connect with the experts of Windows technical team to get the accurate solutions.

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