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Reset Chip Of An Ink Cartridge With Printer Technical Support

Printer customer Tech Support Helpline

After upgrading to Windows 10, many users have reported for varied issues, among which printer issues are also one of the common issues. While using printing many users have faced the issues of ink wastage. This may happen due to improper maintenance of a printer which may result in printer driver issue, cartridge issue, and many others. But, these issues can be resolved by resetting the chip of ink cartridge. And for doing this in a perfect way, you can dial a toll-free tech support number Windows 10 printer driver of a third party technical support company. Click here to more info – Windows 10 Update:

You can also have a particular printer brand help from their support center only. If you are Canon printer users, then you can call on a Canon printer online tech support. Likewise, if you have HP printer then you can call an online tech support for HP devices. However, you can also go through the methods shown in this post to reset chip of an Ink cartridge. Let’s go through the process to reset chip in cartridge:  Read more about the other HP printer issues:

You can use reset tool for a cartridge chip

• For using reset tool first you need to verify that whether your printer is compatible with reset tool or not. For the accurate verification, you can connect with tech support helpline for printer customer through their toll-free number.

• Now, remove empty ink cartridge after confirming reset tool compatibility with your printer.

• Now, arrange the ink cartridge as according to the marks shown at the base of reset tool.

• Now, press the pin against the chip contacts until the light turned to blink red. This indicates that reset tool is now connected with an ink cartridge.

• Now, again keep the reset tool pressed until it turned to green. This will reset the ink cartridge chip and ready your printer to use.

You can swap cartridge chips

• Remove color and black cartridge chip from your printer.

• Now, use single sided razor blade to remove the presence of any plastic material from an ink cartridge.

• Now, slide chip slightly up and remove it out of ink cartridge.

• Repeat these above steps on another cartridge of your printer.

• Now, interchange color cartridge from black cartridge.

• Place both cartridges at the back of your printer.

• Now, press on ink change button.

• Now swap cartridge chip to bring cartridge at their original position.

• Now, again press on ‘ink change button to have printing of documents.

With these methods, you can easily reset chip of an ink cartridge. If you want to have more information for printer issues solutions, then you can call on a printer technical support number.

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