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Repair The Quicken Damaged Data File

Expert support for Quicken Problems

Quicken is an advanced personal finance software developed by Intuit which helps the users to manage computerized maintenance and documentation to supervise their own tasks. Quicken inbuilt features are great, but there may be some circumstances due to which you could face troubles with it.  It happens sometimes that Quicken file gets damaged and users are unable to access their data present in it. Thus, in this situation, you should immediately look for the expert customer support for Quicken problems.

Damage in Quicken data file usually happens when data stored on your system hard drive gets damaged. This, further, results in the loss of integrity and the file gets cross-linked in which two or more file occupies the same space on the hard disk. Contact reliable tech support to fix quicken problems quickly

Symptoms that you can find with damage data files are:

  • Numbers and categories related to reports seem unarranged.
  • Date sometimes does not appear on report.
  • Unable to create backup of file.
  • Incapable to merge current bank statement.

If you are facing these issues with your accounting software, then you need to have Quicken support for data recovery. To have immediate recovery, you can also follow the procedure shown below:

  • If possible, better you create regular backup of data before getting this trouble.
  • With your operating system, create the copy of Quicken data file and check that copied data file that whether any of the above symptoms present or not. If you find any error, then you should perform the maintenance on your hard disk.
  • Create the copy of files with the use of copy features of Quicken.
  • Use Quicken’s validate utility to check for damaged file. If any error is found there, then you will be prompted to view all that on Notepad. Here, you will see the files that have been repaired. Corrected file automatically gets stored in Validate folder with same location.
  • After performing validate, if you still find damaged data file, then you further need to use Super Validate Utility on your data file. This utility should be used in a very urgent case because while going through the repairing process, it removes the file that is damaged.
  • Now your repaired file automatically gets saved.

With all the above procedure, you can repair the damaged Quicken file in a very simple way. However, if you are still getting troubles, then you need to have assistance of Quicken technical support to get the fast and superb solution with their experts. Visit here for Quicken support

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