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Quickbooks Pro Settings On A Server For Multiple Uses

Tech Support for QuickBooks Installation

Do you know QuickBooks Pro from Intuit offers alternatives to set up a multiuser mode for an individual? The great benefit of this option is that an individual can utilize QB Pro on two computer systems. As it is a good option for multiple users, QB users need to have a valid license for having authority to log in and access a QB file installed on your server. In addition, authorized QB users can easily access QuickBooks company file. When QB Pro is installed, QuickBooks Database Server Manager starts scanning the device for updates files and configuring new files by default. You can also take certified technical customer help for QuickBooks installation or can go through the following instructions for installing QB Pro on QuickBooks database server.  

QuickBooks database server installation

  • First of all, shut down all programs active on your dedicated file server computer as they can meddle with the installation process. Just press "ALT-F4" and close down apps in Windows or Mac.
  • Put in the QB CD into the optical drive and initiate the process of installation. You can also click the installer file twice in case you own a downloaded QB version.
  • Move to the next segment and tap on "Yes to All" while overwriting existing files. Tap on "Next" for saying yes to the license agreement. Then, click "Next" option once again.
  • Next, choose "Custom and Network Options" and the option that needs no license and lets you set up to-be-shared company files over the network.
  • After this, choose the "More Than One User" option and "Install Database Server Only" respectively. Then, you simply need to abide by given instructions for a successful installation. Now, prefer the alternative that lets you have access other systems for opening the same files on a particular computer. When all is done, simply tap on the "Next" box.
  • Then, tap on "Install" and "Finish" respectively in order to open QuickBooks.
  • Simply, tap on the "Scan Folders" tab that you will find in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Now, it is high time to move to the "Add Folder" button, just click the same and choose the location for a to-be-stored file. If you have any security concerns, you can scan all folders. Remember that other users would find it hard to open the company file distantly if this option is not selected.
  • Finally move to the last step and tap on "Scan" and "Close" after the scan process is completed.

These steps are likely to help you out when you need right help for setting QB Pro on a server for multiple uses. If all is not well even after using these steps, you better opt for 3rd party expert technical phone support for QuickBooks.

In the same manner, there also some suggestions that can guide you in the right direction and let you easily configure QuickBooks database server access. Just go online or ask experts how to make things possible.

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