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Quickbooks Online Banking Issues Solution With Mac

Mac technical help for Quickbooks

QuickBooks is really an innovative accounting programs which is globally used by many of the Windows OS and Mac OS X users. Like Windows users Mac OS X users also gets trouble while using this innovative accounting software. So, its’ users can also acquire a Mac technical help for QuickBooks as Windows users and could have complete solution of QuickBooks issues. Recently some Mac users have complained about online banking issues with their QuickBooks software.

If you utilize online banking for your business, then you can easily access your banking transactions with your QuickBooks software. Here, you can easily import credit card and bank transactions. You can add or match you transaction in your back or other financial bank account register. However, when you cannot do any of these activities, then it becomes difficult to have a proper accounting management. Anyway one can easily obtain solution either with the help of a technical support phone number for QuickBooks or you may also follow this article post to have solution of banking issues with Mac.

Steps to have online banking issues resolution:

First you need to create test company file

  • Select File, and then click on New File.
  • Write test file name and click on Save.
  • In create new company wizard fill all the requirements and click on Finish.
  • Add account that was getting error.
  • Setup online banking for this account.
  • Download all transactions to have testing of your accounts.

Create new account and combine it

Combing account helps to find the actual reason of online banking issues for which you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • First, go to the chart of accounts and choose edit >edit accounts.
  • Enter an asterisk sign after the end of name.
  • Now, click on online settings and click on not enabled.
  • Click two times on OK and then go back to chart of an accounts.
  • Now, create a new account.
  • Enter a name with asterisk sign and click OK.
  • Now, close and again open your company file and go to list>chart of accounts > choose account with* sign>Edit>Edit accounts.
  • Remove * sign and click on OK.
  • Click Yes.
  • Setup online banking and download transactions for new merged accounts.

With these methods you can easily have resolution of your QuickBooks online banking issues with your Mac. However, if you are still receiving banking issues on your Mac then you can dial a QuickBooks technical support number. For more information visit

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