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Quickbooks Not Responding – Get The Quick Fixes

online technical support for quickbooks not working

QuickBooks is the most used accounting software due to its easy and astonishing features. But, due to some technical faults or errors like the other devices it can also produce error to its users. Recently some users have reported for QuickBooks not responding issues. They got this issue while updating company, creating backup, running big report or verifying company data. In this situation users should have online tech support for QuickBooks accounting software to find an immediate solution.

Users become panic when they get ‘QuickBooks not responding error’ and so they start using various possible ways like Task Manager, End Task or Ctrl-Alt-Delete to have instant solution. These all are completely awful methods that can increase your problem instead of decreasing. These actions could badly corrupt your QuickBooks software and as a result you will need to restore backup. Instead of trying these terrible methods, you can consult an online technical support phone number for QuickBooks not working issue so that you can find an instant solution without losing your data.

Many times, it does not happen that your QuickBooks freezes, locked or not responding, as sometimes QuickBooks remain in some progression and in that moment it seems as it is not responding. Read more at

So, here in this situation you need to wait for some moment and then you need to go through some points shown as below:

  • In your QuickBooks and Windows, close your opened Windows which are not so important.
  • Now, you need to decrease the size of files.
  • Now, configure security software of internet so that it can ignore all QuickBooks folders.
  • Be sure that no corrupted data is present in QuickBooks and to do this you need to rebuild your data.
  • Now, you need to defragment hard drive so that QuickBooks can be able to access your data quickly.
  • Now, turn off the search feature if you are using QuickBooks Enterprises 11.
  • Now create the backup of data with ‘full verification mode’ in on condition.
  • Now, create and restore backup of portable data of your file.
  • This will enhance the performance of QuickBooks and re-indexed it temporarily.

This way, you can resolve not responding issues and can have the smooth functioning of your QuickBooks software. If you want to have more information on QuickBooks issues and solutions, then you can call on a QuickBooks technical support number to have frequent solution for any QuickBooks queries or solutions. Read also

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