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Quickbooks Data Recovery – Recover The Lost Data & Support

Expert technical advice for QuickBooks support

There is data in the files that are damaged and this matter is referred to the data services team of Intuit. They can recover the data. Or else one shall have to wait for many days for the team as far as the file recovery is concerned if it is not QuickBooks. In the year 2012, there was the infusion of the auto data recovery and after that came the QuickBooks enterprise solutions 13.0 R4. It provides with all or nearly all data at present. You can use this after all the genuine resources of troubleshooting are exhausted.

The data is recovered in the different ways

By the help of QuickBooks data recovery, the data is recovered by two different methods. First, you can regenerate the lost transactions by the use of present transaction log file and copy of company file. Recreate all except the last few hours of transaction with the copy of the company file as well as the transaction log file. You have to follow the solutions in a particular order. You can find the auto data recovery tool in the QuickBooks pro, premier and the enterprise solutions. The size limitation of ADR file is 1.5 Gbytes. If it exceeds that, the ADR file is not generated. The technical support for QuickBooks is a must in case the user has some doubt.


You can make use of the original transaction log file associated with the auto data recovery company file for recreating the recent transactions. The company file is stored in a folder and you have to open it. In the No company open screen, make note of the path. In the Windows explorer, open the folder. If he need arises, you can make the file extensions visible. Select Organize>Folder and the search options. Tap the view tab. Click for clearing the Hide extensions for known file types checkbox. Note the size and the modified date. You can do it for two. One is the company file and other is the transaction log file. Contact customer support number for QuickBooks data recovery if any doubt or need of some assistance in this area.

You can create the new folder by the name old files. You can shift the company file to folder of the old files. Now, you can open the folder of the QuickBooks auto data recovery. You can trace it in the same folder where the company file is located. The size and date is modified based on 12 hour and 24 hour auto recovery. After right clicking the company file copy, you have to select it. You can again move to the folder where the company file is deposited.

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