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Quick-Books Error Removal and Guidance


technical help for QuickBooks error, support number for QuickBooks error 6000

You may be disappointed on trying to open the company file in QuickBooks when you see all of a sudden the error -6000, xxxx. Now this is a problem because you are not in a position to open the file. When this error comes, it is simply followed by the digits that are either three or four in number or could be more that. The error message shall tell you cannot simply unlock or open the company file. If you are becoming tense as far as this issue s concerned because you are not experienced to deal with it, also have the instant option of technical customer help for QuickBooks error.

-6000 series errors

You can get the errors -6000,-107 and it generally happens in case the .TLG file is having the corruption. Other errors you come across are the -6000,-1076 and these come during the corruption of QuickBooks installation. When the computer hosts the company file and not the server, you can get the error -6010, -100 and if the network set up is not correct, you get the errors -6012,-1061. In case, the folder permission is not accurate, you get the errors 6129,-101. These errors can also occur because of the improper work of QB database server manager. Other errors you see are -6190, 816 or -6190, -85 and these errors come when other user is logged in to company file that is in the single user mode. This error can also be because of the mismatch between transaction log file and the company file. Consult technical support helpline for QuickBooks error 6000 if you want to know more.


First and foremost, you need to make sure that QuickBooks is up to the mark. You also carry the option to install and run the tool named QuickBooks file doctor first before you proceed for other steps. If despite using the tool, you get the issue, you can go for the solutions in the step by step order. Remember one thing that the error -6000 can happen in both the local as well as the network set up. You need to choose the correct set up for the procedure to get accomplished.

Open the file—can open it locally

It means that you open file saved on the same computer on which the QuickBooks is installed. You can move to the .ND and .TLG files and these are part of QuickBooks files. These are also called the configuration files permitting QuickBooks to approach company file in multi-user environment or in a network. The fact is if such files have become corrupt or are damaged, shall get such errors as you open QuickBooks files. Following steps correctly shall solve error issue.

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