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Puzzled To Choose? Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro

support phone number for MacBook Air

Apple is known to produce a varied range of notebook among which MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are the major notebooks. MacBook again launched after a long term that is after 2011 and then 2015. Now, this MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are again coming this year with more advanced and innovative features. There are large numbers of Apple fan who are eagerly waiting and confused to choose the best MacBook. Here, they can have support phone number for MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to know about the best laptop as according to their need. MacBook expert will help you to choose the best upcoming Apple laptops.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are soon to release this year, so before its’ release, it’s significant to know that which upcoming laptop will be best as per your need. You can dial a toll-free number of technical phone help for MacBook Pro and technical help for MacBook Air to choose the best one. However, you can also go through this post to decide the best Apple laptop as per your need. Let’s go through that:

Dimension and weight specifications

MacBook Air has been always light-weighted while Pro is somewhat heavier than Air. Both of these models have a thickness of 1.8cm. Now, its’ 2015 model has lighter weight as a comparison to the earlier version. Its’ 13-inch MacBook Air weight is same as 2015 model. If you are curious about new MacBook, then it is supposed to come with the weight of 0.92 Kg with dimensions 28.05 cm * 19.65cm and thickness of 0.35cm to 1.31cm.

Power and processors

There is a great difference between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro as according to the SSD and RAM. In terms of processor, Air laptop has 1.6GHz and 2.7GHz for Pro Laptop. They have a processor of Intel’s Broad well ranges and this processor is now to launch codename Skylake. Now, the new processor is supposed to come with Turbo Boost up.

Battery life

MacBook Air battery is more advanced as it can stay up to 12 hours while Pro is also capable of staying up to 10 hours. Now its upcoming version is supposed to come with more advanced battery life.

Thus with all these features you can easily choose the best MacBook as per your need. However, if you want to know more about upcoming MacBook, then you can dial an Apple technical support number to know about complete features of upcoming MacBook.


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