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Prompt Resolution For Quickbooks Enterprise 2015 Multi-User Bugs

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QuickBooks as one of the best accounting software has really mesmerized the world with its’ innovative features for accounting activity of a small and medium business holder. It is divided into basic parts like Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, among which QuickBooks Enterprise is the best one. Enterprise can manage up to 30 systems at a time that can help to manage large number of employee. With such a great utility there may be certain situations in which users could face trouble while using QuickBooks software. In this situation users can connect with a technical helpline number for QuickBooks Enterprise to have solution with QuickBooks advanced technical experts.

Recently many users have reported for multiuser bugs in QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 in which server loses its state of management for company files. In this situation workstations become unable to find server that try to re-config file at the place of server share. On pressing F2, users find that workstation keeps on searching for Ether net adapter. In this situation, you can contact QuickBooks technical support number to have complete resolution of QuickBooks issues. You may also go through the fixes shown in this post. Let’s go through the solution procedure:

  • Here, you first need to create desktop items for QBW company files and use UNC style path.
  • On the Server disable the second Ethernet adapter on a server.
  • Now, mark all QB services to start automatically.
  • Edit manually .ND and .DNS with accurate IPv4 with its IP address. Replace IPv6 address with this IP address.
  • If company files .ND and .DSN as the parent folder and company folder, then need to name it as a company file folder itself.
  • After verification of path with drive letter should be on based and local server.
  • Now, reboot your server.
  • Again run QuickBooks DB manger and scan complete folder.
  • Now, as an admin run QuickBooks software from the first your work station.
  • Verify server IP address by pressing on F2 key.

With all these above shown procedures you can effortlessly get rid of QuickBooks Enterprise multi-user bugs. However, if you are still facing trouble with your QuickBooks Enterprise software, then you need to dial a toll-free number of QuickBooks technical support number.

With these QuickBooks technical experts you will find an instant and perfect solution of this multi-user bugs. If you want more knowledge regarding QuickBooks issues, then you can dial their support number to have a perfect solution.

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