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Parallels Desktop 11 Helps Start Boot Camp without Restarting Mac

parallels technical support for Boot Camp

As you all know well that Parallel desktop is the software that provides hardware virtualization to Macintosh. It enables you to use both Windows and Mac, at the same time, on your Macintosh. There are many users worldwide who all are using it successfully, but at the same there are also some users who are not able to set up Windows virtual machine on their Boot camp partition. This set up can be easily made with Parallel desktop 11 and you can take the help of expert parallels support for Boot Camp to make things happen. You can also follow the process shown in this post to have the great benefits of Parallel desktop and for the proper functioning with a Boot camp partition.

  1. With the help of existing Boot camp installation

Active your Parallel desktop and go to the upper menu of Mac and choose File>New. Now, go to the Parallel Wizard and with the Boot camp select on Use Windows and then click on continue.

In the case, if Use Windows option is not present there, then you need to go through the steps shown below:

  • Here, you need to install Windows from image and, then need to click continue.
  • Now click on locate manually and, then click on continue.
  • Now select the operating system installed in Boot Camp.
  • Select the customize settings and, then click on continue.
  • Now go to the configuration window and switch to the hardware.
  • With the source dropdown list, select physical Boot Camp partition.
  • Now continue installation after completing configuration.
  • You should also have a Parallels tech support for accurate and immediate help while going through these procedures.
  1. Import Boot camp in to a VM

This process will help you to move your data from Boot camp to virtual machine and to have this you need to go through the process shown below:

  • Set your Parallel desktop for using Boot camp.
  • Go to Parallel desktop icon and right click on it and, then open the control center.
  • Now right click on the Boot camp based on Windows and, then choose Import Boot camp.
  • Now set the location for Windows store and data and, then go through the instructions.

After creating the Boot camp based VM, you will be able to see all the changes that you made with it. With the second procedure shown above, you will be able to get the saved view of the changes that you have made with Boot camp. Read more about Run Boot Camp partition with Parallels Desktop


This way, you can easily start Boot camp without restarting Mac on your Parallel Desktop 11and could enjoy the latest technology of Parallels. For more information about parallels technical support visit

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