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Outlook Not Responding – Get The Fixes Here

Microsoft outlook not responding tech support number

Outlook is one of the most paramount and flexible emailing application of Microsoft that comes together with Office suite. There are many users worldwide who all are using this emailing application for a personal and professional purpose. This software can be easily operated in offline mode when you do not have an internet connection. But, with its great utility there are certain situations in which you could face trouble with this innovative emailing application. One of the most common issues that users have faced with this emailing application is not responding and freezing issues due to users become unable to use their Outlook. These issues can be resolved by dialing a toll-free of technical support number for MS outlook.

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This Outlook freezing and not responding issues happen because of many reasons about which you can know with toll-free number of tech support number for Microsoft Outlook not responding. However, you can also know these reasons of Outlook not responding and freezing issues as shown below:

  • Corrupted or damaged Outlook file
  • Overflow ofPST or OST file
  • Compatibility with antivirus programs
  • Outlook ads-in

These are some of the reasons due to which you could face the trouble with Outlook. However, you can also dial a toll-free number of experts support services for Outlook freezes issues to know about the actual reason of this issue. You can also go through this article post to have solution. Let’s go through the solution procedure as shown below:

End the Outlook.exe

For doing this you need to click on start menu and then on task manager. Now, select Outlook.exe and then click on end process. This way you can end the Outlook.exe process.

Delete unwanted file from OST and PST file

When OST and PST file gets overloaded, and then it starts causing trouble. So, here you need to delete the files which are not required to you.

Run Outlook in safe mode

For running Outlook in safe mode, you can call toll-free number of Outlook technical support number to know the process to run Outlook in safe mode.

Disable the Outlook ads-in

Presence of Outlook ads-in may slow down or freezes Outlook, thus you need to disable ads-in. You can have an Outlook support to disable ads-in.

Repair files of Outlook

You should repair Outlook file regularly as any damage file can freeze or stop responding Outlook.

These are some the tips that you can follow to resolve the Windows freezing and not responding issues with your Outlook.

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