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Outlook 2013 Mail – The Customer Support


Microsoft Outlook is a not only powerful but versatile program as well and there is no doubt about this vital fact. Like other mails, there is no change in the basics even when it comes to the Outlook mail. It is said changes have been made the way it works. It was also called hotmail earlier.

Create Outlook mail profile on Windows

If you test the Outlook 2013 on the machine having Windows 7 on it without the removal of Windows 2010, then you are creating the new mail profile for the testing purpose. To do it, you can take the help of online video available or other alternative is the get connect with tech support help for Outlook. This number is genuine for issues resolution.

You can go to the Outlook mail by keyboard shortcuts

You can use the Outlook 2013 on the Windows 8 devices that are touch enabled and also the old fashioned notebooks as well as the desktops. The fact is many of you are making use of the keyboard and mouse as a gear. When you learn the shortcuts, the speed with which the Outlook mail is handled shall increase. It also shall reduce the strain of the wrist. You do not have to worry for the short cuts in case Best Online Services For Outlook not responding It can be because of the call traffic and shall come in order soon.

  • For going to the new mail, you need to press CTRL+1. By doing this, you can open the new message from any view and for this; you do not need to go back to the Mail view first.
  • For opening the new message window from any view, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+M and you do not have to go to the mail view first.
  • In order to go to the inbox for the default email account, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+I.
  • For going to outbox of the default email account, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+O.
  • For opening the flag for Follow up dialogue box for chosen message, you can tap CTRL+SHIFT +G.
  • When you type CTRL+K, you can check the particular names and the corresponding valid addresses in the To, Cc and Bcc fields.

Message handling in an efficient manner [ in Outlook 2013]

In the previous versions of Outlook, the message could not be marked in an easy way. You definitely wished had the way been easy but it was not. You could not do the flagging for the follow up action in the earlier versions. You were not able to delete not required message but have all these facilities available in Outlook 2013. Read more info:

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