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OS X Yosemite And OS X El Capitan- Beneficial Assistance

Live technical support for OS X Yosemite

OS X is the 11th release from Apple Inc in the OS X series of operating system that is applicable for Macintosh computers. It was released in June 2, 2014 to the developers and for the public beta testers; was released in July 24, 2014. OS X El Capitan is the 12th big release of OS X series of operating system released by Apple Inc. for the end users. OS X El Capitan was released on Sept 30, 2015. Both these are phenomenal as far as the operation is concerned.

Activation of dark mode in OS X Yosemite and how to do it

Go to the Mac desktop and navigate to Apple icon located on the upper corner at the right hand. You can choose it and then tap on the system preferences. By doing this, there shall be the opening of the new window and on the corner located at the right hand; can look at the icon named General. You can choose this. In the options first section, you can see checkbox having written – Use dark menu bar and dock. You can tap on the mailbox. Now your dock and toolbar are transformed to dark tint. It is finally done. For changing it back, you can tap on the checkbox again. Customer support for OS X Yosemite shall guide you if you are not able to do the process by self or facing any kind of hurdle before coming to the conclusion of the process.

Generating OS X El Capitan Installation disc on Flash drive

You have the option to generate the bootable OS X installation disc by the use of DiskMaker X application. You have also the choice to go to the Mac App store and from here, can download OS X El Capitan installer. You can make use of the generated installer for installing OS X El Capitan 10.11 on any Mac computer compatible with it. In fact, this is a comfortable method and consumes little time when it comes to the installation of OS X El Capitan on various devices or machines. It provides handy emergency disc enabling the fresh installation of OS X. If having any inconvenience in understanding the procedure, you can go for tech support for OS X El Capitan. You can get satisfaction.

Downloading the program

You can download the program like DiskMaker X and this permits you to generate a bootable OS X disk. You can install it on computer. By going to the launchpad, you can unlock the Apple Mac store. You can also do this as you press the Cmd key. Both the series of Macintosh operating systems are immensely beneficial.

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