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Office 2016 Trouble With Mac OS X EI Capitan Is Resolved

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Mac OS X EI Capitan is the latest operating system, though macOS Sierra is to release soon this year which will take away all issue with EI Capitan. With the introduction of this latest OS X EI Capitan, users faced some troubles along with its amazing features. With its' arrival, many users moved towards Microsoft help to report that OS X 10.11 continuously crashes while using Office 2016. Users frequently dialed a toll-free number to have a technical support for Mac so that they can have an immediate solution. This was not a problem with an individual, but there were almost all the Mac OS X 10.11 users who were facing such trouble.

They were getting various troubles while using each and every application of Office 2016. These issues were not particularly with Outlook, but also with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint also. While performing various tasks, lock-ups appears frequently and Outlook goes dead along with other Office applications opened on Mac. Here, Mac users frequently needed to dial a toll-free phone number to have Mac support for Microsoft Outlook to have an immediate solution of complete issues that they face while using Outlook on Mac.

It is said that this was occurring due to the fault of Microsoft program as all others programs were working fine except Office application. Microsoft did nothing to resolve these Office issues, so Apple launched an update for OS X EI Capitan to resolve these issues. Apple promised Mac users that OS X EI Capitan update as 10.11.1 will recover most of the compatibility with Office 2016. However, it does not promise to eradicate these problems completely. At that time both Office 2011 and 2016 were creating trouble with Mac OS X. So, Microsoft released an update for Office 2011 so that users can successfully use Office 2011. Read more

Installing latest update as Mac OS X 10.11.1resolves most of the Office 2016 issues. So, Apple asked everyone to upgrade their OS X EI Capitan with its latest update. Before upgrading this latest OS, Apple suggested users to make sure that they have the latest version of Office (15.5) with EI Capitan latest update. With this users can get sorted out most of the issues with Office application.

Many users have reported getting fixes on installing this latest update for OS X EI Capitan. If you are also facing trouble with Office application on your latest OS, then you can call on a toll-free phone number of Apple technical help number to have the installation in a right way. Read also

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