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MacKeeper Causing Trouble to Mac OS X – Just Uninstall it

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Mackeeper is a valuable software group for Mac OS X that comprises of the tools that can be used for security, cleaning and optimization. It was immensely promoted before its release, but did not worked as it was advertised. Some of the users considered it as the software to secure and optimize their system while many of the users criticize it, as with the use of it Mac become more crash prone and users started facing many types of error with their Apple laptop. It is considered as a highly dangerous malware that can threaten your operating system. Sometimes, it appears as the popup and get it installed itself which becomes too tricky to remove. It sticks as the malware and the users completely become unable to uninstall it. However, you can easily uninstall it with the help of the Mackeeper support or you may also go through this article to do so. Read more about Mackeeper antivirus..

You first of all require going to the application folder and need to open MacKeeper app and then need to quit it. If you are running it for first time then you do not need to activate or sign in for any of its services. Now with the MacKeeper application menu choose the Quit and then draw the MacKeeper app to the trash. Now the Window will pop up to uninstall its entire component. Now choose the uninstall Mackeeper button that will remove most of the files of it from the hard drive. With it your most of the data gets deleted but you need not worry as you can get that with the MacKeeper folder or you can also call on the customer care number of Apple who will retrieve back your all the lost data securely.

To access and remove the helper folder of it you need to go to the library/application support and holds the folder key and then choose go and then folder. Now after removing this helper folder, empty your trash and then restart your Mac. Now you will not find any of the MacKeeper helper folders.

If you have downloaded this software and you started getting bunch of pop-ups then you need to remove it immediately, otherwise you may not be able to use your browser. You can get rid of this horrible issue with the phone help for Apple. Their Mackeeper support techies will eradicate all the issue that the users get because of this malicious software. You should always be alert of this software so that your Mac OS X could remain secure and could not face any trouble.

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