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Mac Parallels Desktop And Its Advantageous Features

Online technical support for Mac

In parallels desktop for Mac, you have an option to operate Windows on Mac and there is no need of reboot. You can make use of applications related to Windows as if they are familiar for both PC and Mac. You can convert the PC in an easy way or you also have the option of installation of new Windows operating system. The parallels desktop can also be optimized for macOS Sierra and Windows 10. There is also an availability of 500 GB of storage for one year and it acts as an online back up. There are many smart tools associated with it and all these make the task quite easy.

Windows and Mac apps work side by side

In parallels desktop for Mac, you have an option to make Windows invisible and despite doing that, you are still in a position to make use of applications. You have also the choice to keep familiar Windows background and controls on Mac. You can operate Windows 10 and macOS in an easy way and you can do this by using Microsoft Cortana, the virtual assistant, on Mac. If you have doubts regarding concepts related to Parallels desktop, you can make use of Mac support phone number for Parallels and it is readily available for helpful assistance.

With the help of set up assistant, you can get the files, applications as well as browser bookmarks and then shift them from PC to Mac. By the assistance of Parallels desktop pro, you shall get more processing power for virtual machines. With high power, it is possible to run even the complex operations. You have the option to again use the present boot camp installation. It is much easier to convert virtual machine from the Boot camp. Online help for Mac is readily available for any kind of assistance or any knowledge one wants to gain for parallels desktop.

One click tuning

In Mac parallels desktop, you have choice to choose games, productivity, design and development and it shall do optimization of virtual machine settings. You have the option to drag and drop the files in between Mac and Windows. You can copy as well as paste files between Windows and Mac. There is also an availability of single space for cloud storage between Mac and Windows. You have choice to assign any particular USB device for Windows or Mac. For Windows, there is an assistance of retina display as well. You have the option to run Windows on a complete screen. Just by simple drag and drop, you are able to open files in Windows. From Safari browser, you can open site in Microsoft Explorer.

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