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Learn To Repair Damaged Data Files Of Quickbooks

tech support for quickbooks database repair

QuickBooks has become one of the most important elements by managing the complete accounting task of a small and medium class business holder. QuickBooks features are strong enough against any of the error occurrence, but users may sometimes get the error while using this software. These errors may happen because of the technical fault or may be because of the error with QuickBooks data file. In this condition, users should immediately have tech support for QuickBooks database repair so that they could not have to face any loss of data.

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Error in QuickBooks data completely disable the users to login in to QuickBooks data file. Thus, it needs to troubleshoot them; otherwise, you could have more error further. And before troubleshooting, it is very much important for you to create the backup of recent file and create a new company file. Here, you can have the assistance with QuickBooks online phone number. If you want to can also read the article about how to repair corrupted data files in QuickBooks at

Before repairing the QuickBooks data, you need to remember some points as shown below:

  • Find the location of QuickBooks data that where it is located on your system.
  • Now, run and verify the rebuild utilities where actual file is saved. These utilities may cause some trouble on your network.
  • Here, you need to have single user mode.
  • Now, with the Admin users, login to your company files.

After having all these points, you need to verify and rebuild data. To verify and rebuild data, you can go through the steps as shown below:

Steps to ‘Verify data’

To verify data, go to the File menu>click on Utilities>Verify data. With these processes, if you get the message as:

“No problem is detected with your QuickBooks Data” – No activity is needed

“Data has lost integrity” - This can be the damage in the data file. Now, you need to proceed further to rebuild data.

Steps to ‘Rebuild data’

  • Go to the File menu, click on Utilities, and then click on Rebuild data
  • Now, if you get the message to have the backup of your company file then click on OK.
  • Once Rebuild process has been completed, then you need to click on OK.

Now, again Run Verify Data to check any data damage is remaining there or not. If you still find any data damage, then you need to have support of QuickBooks technical experts to have the immediate assistance and complete repair of damaged data file. Read also about How to Recover Lost QuickBooks Data Files here

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