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Kodak printers & its Bidirectional Support & Support for Dell printer


Tech expert’s number for Kodak printer, support services for Dell printer

It is not necessary that the printer users may need this all the time but in the case of Kodak printer, there is need of the bidirectional support. It is in fact required when you print with the help of the Kodak printer. You can enable this particular feature in an easy manner & have to follow some steps that are quite easy.

Inspect the firewall

It is important for you to inspect the firewall in case of printing from Kodak. The fact is firewall is built in various versions of Windows operating system and this may hamper the bi-directional printing. If the bi-directional printing is enabled in Kodak, you need be sure to inspect the settings of the firewall. If you want to check the firewall settings, can tap on Start and after this, click the Control panel. You can double tap on Windows firewall and disable the firewall as well. Now, you are able to enable the bi-directional printing on Kodak printer. Support helpline for Kodak printer issues shall solve any enquiry if necessary in this case. Read more:

Disabling firewall and after

After the disabling of the firewall, you need to check the current setting as far as the bi-directional printing is concerned. In many cases, there is no need of bi-directional printing and have the option to shut it off by default. If you want to check the bidirectional setting, have to tap on the start button and after that select Printers and fixes from menu. Now, you can right click on Kodak printer and then select properties from the menu. Select the tab by the name ports and check the box telling enable bi-directional support. After that, click on Apply to save your settings.

Testing the printer

After the enabling of the bi-directional printing, test printer to be sure it is operating in a successful manner. After you change the printer settings, there can be the need to restart computer. If the printer is not functioning properly first time, you should restart it.

Dell printer & its support

Dell printers are among the leading brands in the world and are used throughout the world both in the areas of business, domestic purposes as well as in the government departments. Dell printers are of high quality and there is also the availability of the customer help for these printers in case of any technical or non-technical problem. You can also opt for the Dell printer online tech support in case the need arises in the areas like driver installation, configuration, connectivity issues, paper jam, optimization and much more. Problems can arise because of the lack of technical knowledge in dealing with things or due to mishandling.

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