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Know To Utilize Quickbooks For Mac To Pay Employee

quickbooks phone support for payroll

As Windows, QuickBooks is also available for Mac; but QuickBooks for Mac lacks of inbuilt Payroll services due to which Mac users cannot manages payroll automatically. While just after clicking on QuickBooks Payroll, you are switched to the external website for processing the checks of employee. QuickBooks for Mac does not have built-in software to keep tracking on payroll. But, you need not worry as you can easily get it done with a technical customer support for QuickBooks payroll. With their experts, you will come to know that how you can manage payroll in an easy manner. Read more at

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For tracking payroll, employers need to subscribe and pay monthly charges to have the online services for QuickBooks Payroll for Mac. Before making the registration in QuickBooks Payroll system, it is important to make sure that name of the employee has been spelled correctly same as paychecks or not. If data between QuickBooks and QuickBooks payroll differ, then it is not going to work appropriately. Now, let’s go to the procedure to edit employee information.

  • Click on ‘Lists’ and then ‘Employees’.
  • Now, make double click on the name of employee that you need to edit.
  • Now, change the First, Middle and Last Name to make sure that account information of QuickBooks payroll services is same, as with the employees for your QuickBooks for Mac.

Now, after editing the employee information you need to set up payroll. For doing this, you either need to have toll free support phone number for QuickBooks accounting software  or need to go through the procedure shown as below:

  • Choose ‘Payroll’ and then choose the services to use for your Payroll services. Now click on ‘Edit Account’ and then further sign in to create an account.
  • Now, from the list of employees you need to choose the employees to whom you want to pay. Here, you also need to check the boxes just next to name of the employees.
  • Now, enter the working hours and other payment information for each employee. With the Run payroll section, you also have varied fields such as regular work, overtime, sick pay, regular work, and fixed bonuses.
  • Now, click on ‘Create Paychecks’ and approved the salaries.
  • Now, choose the option to have the checks prints yourself or hand write checks. Confirm the option that whether you need to email employees with online version link or not.

So, with these above procedure you can use your QuickBooks for Mac to pay your employee and can have the complete advantages of QuickBooks Payroll on Mac. Read also

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