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Know To Restore Imac To Its Factory Settings

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As you all know that iMac is a range of Macintosh desktop computers which is widely used by the people all across the world for long time. Even with the advent of Apple laptop, many users still prefer iMac. Its’ new iMac 2016 is to be released soon in the market for which users are eagerly waiting. Though iMac features are amazing, yet sometimes users get troubles while using this iMac. Sometimes to resolve these troubles, they need to reboot to its factory settings, so that you can get rid of all the troubles. You can have expert technical support for Mac to get support for factory setting. You may also go through this article post to get the process for rebooting your iMac. Read more about How to Resolve Your Mac Not Waking From Sleep at

To reboot your system for some factory settings you need to do NV RAM reset, and if you want to have your iMac with its original configurations, you need to reboot iMac to its factory settings.

For NVRAM reset, just follow the procedure as shown below:

  1. Go to the Apple menu and select “Restart”. This will present a dialogue box asking whether to restart or cancel. If your timer is allowed to reach zero, then iMac will automatically get restarted.
  2. Now keep pressing Command, Option, P and R together until your monitor display a gray screen.
  3. Now release all four keys that you hold together and allow your iMac to restart.

Now, after completing the restarting of iMac, you need to recover OS X and, for this, you can have support with Apple technical experts or you can also follow the steps shown here:

  1. First of all, you need to confirm that you have an active broadband connection. OS X recovery process delete your hard drive and again install afresh copy of OS X.
  2. Now, go to the Apple Menu and restart. You will find a dialog box with timer and, if timer reaches to zero then your iMac gets rebooted automatically.
  3. Now keep pressing Command and R key together, until you find Apple logo on your desktop screen.
  4. Now with Mac OS X utilities window choose the option ‘Disk Utility” and click on continue button.
  5. Now start the ‘Disk utility’ that seems after the confirmation of your OS. Now choose startup disk and switch to erase the tab.
  6. Rename your startup disk and enter your ID and password for Apple.If you have forgot password, then you can have tech support phone number for forgot Apple id password.

Thus, with the above procedure you can easily restore iMac to its factory settings with no trouble. You can also have support with iMac technical support number for any kind of issue with your iMac. Related article Trouble Free Recovery for Your Apple ID Password

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