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Know To Reset Airport Base Station

Expert technical customer support for Apple airport router

AirPort is actually a name that has been provided to a series of Apple products with different Wi-Fi protocols that comprises of numbers of Wireless cards and router. AirPort Base Station is the latest series of Apple AirPort that comprises of many advanced and innovative features. Though, this work in a great way, but due to advanced feature, users gets trouble while using a router. Recently some users have reported for trouble in resetting AirPort Base Station. However, to overcome this trouble, one can have an expert technical customer support for Apple AirPort router to have a solution to this issue.

Reset is actually a first step that makes you restore AirPort Base station to a proper state where you will get a control on it. This is actually needed when you have either lost your password or device is not responding as according to your expectation. There are many ways of reset in which you either need to push reset button or you need to complete the utility with the help of AirPort Utility application. You can have 24*7 professional Apple customer service to reset a password. Let’s know about the type of reset that can be made with AirPort Base Station:

•    Soft Reset: Reset password for your device and then disable security for five minutes so that you can be connected to the network for making changes. This Soft Reset is done when you have forgotten your password. In this case, if you do not make any changes then you will not be able to configure. Thus, you need to make reset soon.

•    Hard Reset: This is done to troubleshoot and resolve a problem with an unresponsive design. You can also use it to troubleshoot the network accessibility issues.

•    Default Settings Reset: This is done when you want to remove your profile or wish to connect the device again with all procedures. This makes your device bring at that initial position when was bought.

These are important reset that can be done with Airport Base station. However, before proceeding for reset you need to keep some points in your mind which are shown below:

•    The device remains in Soft Reset mode for five minutes, so try to make changes within this time limit, otherwise, you will again need to reset.

•    For troubleshooting purpose, you should only use hard or factory default reset.

•    When device stop responding, then you can use hard or factory default reset.

With all these information, you can easily reset AirPort Base Station. However, if you want to have more information then you can dial an Apple technical support number.

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