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Know To Fix Printer Driver Issues After Switching To Windows 10

Windows 10 Printer Driver Technical Support

After upgrading to Windows 10, there were lots of bugs that have been reported on Windows technical forum. Many more issues have been resolved with Windows Anniversary updates, but there are some users who are still getting trouble while using this latest operating system. After connecting the printer to this operating system, some users reported for printer driver issues due to which they become unable to have a print of their document. There could be many reasons for getting this trouble, but this driver issues can be easily resolved with a toll-free Windows 10 printer driver online tech support phone number. Here, you can have an instant resolution of complete issues going on with your printer on Windows 10 installation.

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On installation of this latest OS, all software and applications get deleted which were not compatible with this OS. This same situation would have happened with a printer driver. It may be that printer driver would not be compatible with this latest OS. There can be much reason for getting this issue and in all conditions; you need to have a solution. So, for the solution with the help of take online tech support service for printer issues or you can go through the process shown in this post.

Printer driver issues resolutions:

Update your printer driver manually

For manual update, you need to go through the procedure as shown below:

• Open Windows 10 Control Panel and click on it.

• Click on Device Manger.

• Now, in Device Manger finds the printer driver that you want to update. You will see a yellow sign for the printer driver that needs to update.

• Make a right click on the name of the device, and then click on Update driver software.

• Now, click on search automatically printer driver and then follow the instructions.

Update new driver with Windows update

For updating new driver with latest Windows, just follow the steps as mentioned below:

• First, click on Start menu and then click on Settings.

• Now, click on Update and security with your security window.

• Now, click on Windows update.

• Click on check for updates and wait for a moment.

• If any update is available, then click on that to update your system.

• Now, choose the driver that you need to install and then click on install updates.

By going through these procedures, you can easily resolve your driver issues. However, if you want to acquire more information for printer driver issues solutions, then you can call on a printer technical support to have a solution of complete printer issues.

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