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Know To Edit, Delete Or Record A Sales Tax Payment In Quickbooks

support for QuickBooks sales tax

Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online helps the users to manage sales tax in an easier way to collect, pay and report your sales tax. It helps to manage multiple sales tax rates with the view of liability reports that can be easily customized as according to date, agency, and many more other significant activities. While using this great Sales Tax feature of QuickBooks users sometimes gets trouble due to which they become unable to have the complete benefits of this Sales Tax feature. Here, users can dial a toll-free number of QuickBooks support to have a support for QuickBooks sales tax.

Sales Tax is just a perfect point to record sales tax payment as you can view complete payment on a single page. You can easily have a sales tax details for a particular time duration as per to your need. With a toll-free number of a technical help for QuickBooks, you can have a solution for any type of issue or query concerning to Sales Tax in QuickBooks software. However, with this article post, you will also come to know about some useful features of Sales Tax. So, let’s have a look on that:

Process to view liability reports of Sales Tax

• First select Sales Tax from the menu.

• Now. Click on View sales tax liability reports.

• Now, you will get the report as an agency, the tax owed and the taxable amount of sales.

Now, to Record a tax payment you need to follow the procedure as shown below:

• Choose Sales tax from the left menu.

• Now, choose the agency for which you are recording the payment in a list of Sales Tax Owed.

• Make a click on Record Tax Payment.

• Now enter all the information in the given field.

• Click on Record tax payment, if you do not want to print the Sales tax check.

• If you need the print of check then you need to put a check mark in front of box ‘Print a Check’. Now, click on Record Payment and print Check.

Process to delete a tax payment

• First, choose Sales tax from the menu.

• With the Recent Sales Tax Payment, highlight the payment that you want to delete.

• Now, you need to click on delete payment.

• Click ‘Yes’ for the confirmation.

These are some of the important activities that you will be regularly needed while using Sales tax in QuickBooks Online. However, if you want to have more information and solution then you can call on a toll-free number of a QuickBooks technical support of third party service provider. Read more at

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