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Know to Add and Build Assembly Items in QuickBooks POS

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QuickBooks POS is an iPad point of sale system that speaks to your QuickBooks for automatic transfer of your sales, employee time and vendor receipt from your POS to QuickBooks to track your income, run payroll and pay bills. It helps in handling the total management of your business by integrating it with QuickBooks desktop. Sometimes a user gets the problem in adding and building assembly items for QuickBooks POS and, thus looks for a QuickBooks POS technical support, so that he or she can have instant solutions. However, you can also follow the procedure shown in this article.

To add and build assembly items go through the process shown below:

  • First you should be sure that all components items have been added individually to inventory.
  • Now go to the list of item and click on add.
  • Now specify required as a Department and an optional as a Vendor.
  • Enter the information needed in the item field as
  • Here, you need to enter the average unit cost. This will create the quantity for adding build and assemblies.
  • Now enter a Regular price. If the price is not entered, then Point of sale will fill automatically with the sum of the entire component. These prices cannot be added later.
  • Now enter a Tax code. Based on this code entire assembly will be taxed.
  • To add assembly items with Build point reports and record Reminders you need to enter the minimum desired quantity in the field of Recorder Point.
  • Now click on save which will automatically display the item list with details.
  • Now click on Assembly buttons just next to the button Type. This will display the assembly details Window. The entered information will show on the left while the right side display the components.
  • Now click on edit assembly.

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  • Specify component item quantity.
  • Now click Qty+ and Qty- button to increase or decrease or click only Qty to add another number.
  • Now click on Build.
  • Specify the number needed in the assemblies that you want to build and, then choose the Build.
  • Now click on Ok and, then save.
  • You can also have the support for QuickBooks to have fast resolution.

This way, you can easily add and build assembly items to QuickBooks POS without any hassle. Read more at

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