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Know the Issues That the QuickBooks Users Faces With Downloaded Transaction

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As you all know well that QuickBooks is a great accounting tool, it makes the users to know that where their business currently exists. With this great astonishing tool, small and mid size enterprises can easily manage their billing, payroll, invoicing, cash management and tax management calculations. With its great utility there are some online banking downloaded transactions issues, in which the users need to have quick technical assistance with a toll-free online support phone number for QuickBooks. Here, in this article you will know of some of the most common issues that the users get with their downloaded transaction.

Connection issues with the bank

QuickBooks consist of the large number of banking list, so you should be always careful in choosing your bank.It will be best, if you copy and paste the required login URL of the bank in your search field, so that you can easily have it without any trouble and confusion. Before making login you should not forget to clear message. If you will not do so, then you can get the message as “Intuit is unable to get the transaction from your bank”.

Required more transaction after the initial download

When you sign up your QuickBooks online bank account then you started getting all the transaction detail in your accounting system. Once all the transaction gets downloaded, then you see that it is only of 60 days. So in this case you either need to call on the support number for QuickBooks sale tax or need to upload all the transaction. In this way you can have the transactions of the year.

Unable to make the download from the PayPal

PayPal and download transactions do not work together which is really a critical issue. Here you need to enter the transaction separately until you do not find any better option for the QuickBooks online. You can also call on the QuickBooks sales number to know more information of the trouble and solution that you can have while doing download from the PayPal.

Unable to create the duplicate transaction

If you already created the transaction that has been prepared to be accepted by the bank, then QuickBooks do not see as the potential matches. Thus, here you need to remove all the transaction that has been already made, so that you do not get the repeated transaction.

In this way you can overcome most of the downloaded transaction issues that you get with your bank and so you can have the smooth functioning of the QuickBooks software. You can also have the QuickBooks technical support to acquire the resolution of any type of issues with it. You can read this useful article: Common QuickBooks IT Issues Users Get Stuck With

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