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Know Important Thing About Macos Sierra

technical helpline number for macOS Sierra

Apple is always known for introducing new OS X every year so that its’ users can become more advanced with its technology. It is now soon to introduce latest OS X after OS X EI Capitan that has created a buzz among the users before its release. Now, users will not be upgraded with OS X this year because latest Apple operating system name is macOS Sierra which is soon to release among the users. One can dial a customer service for Apple products to know about its beta release so that users could know about its features.

There are many exciting and amazing features that are supposed to come with this macOS Sierra. Users can also dial a technical helpline number for macOS Sierra to know about every features of this latest upcoming OS X. Its beta version has been released through which interesting features have been unveiled. You will know these features with this article post. So, let’s have a look at that:

  • macOS Sierra can be freely upgraded and can easily work with the Mac dating back to 2010 along with the iMac and MacBook from 2009. Hardware part will work smoothly as they are working with EI Capitan.
  • Apple has built iOS’s Siri which is sane as Cortana in Windows 10. With Siri pop-ups you can easily drags Siri’s answer to your notification pane or images present there in the documents. Its’ pane presence help you to decide whether Siri will talk or will simply going to type answer.
  • This OS X is a combination of forthcoming iOS 10 that provides universal clipboards that allow you to save text on Mac. These texts can be pasted on iphone, iPad or reverse.
  • You can play video from WebPages with keeping constant your Web Pages. These videos keep on going even while doing another task on your Mac desktop.
  • Any stuff can be uploaded from your documents and desktop folders to iCloud. Unless you turn off this feature, all stuffs automatically gets uploaded to your icloud drive. This feature may make you to buy storage because it has only 5 GB storage.
  • Photos memory features uses smart and facial recognition to combine related photo and movie. Here, you can also add sound track as according to your wish

These are very few features of macOS Sierra. There are many other interesting features about which you can know with the help of Apple technical experts and could enjoy macOS Sierra.

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