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Know How to Have the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

quickbooks data recovery help

QuickBooks handles your complete accounting software of the company and if any of the error happen in the software, then there may be chances that your complete data could lost and you all knows well that even a single financial data loss in a company can cause a huge loss to the company. Thus, to avoid this error, a strong backup is required to store all the financial data. QuickBooks introduces Auto data recovery as the QuickBooks 2012 and later as the QuickBooks enterprises solutions 13.0 R4 with the help of which you are really going to have the quickbooks phone support for data recovery without any hassles.

With this amazing Auto Data Recovery feature, an automatic local backup copy is created for the company file. At present, this auto recovery feature is only available in Pro and Premier. If you are using any of these versions, then there you can find an additional folder on your system along with other new files which are actually the Auto Data Recovery folder. With it, you can have the copy of the company files running with this software.

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How do the Auto Data Recovery Features actually work?

Just after opening the company file, Auto Data Recovery features do some internal diagnosis on the file. If the file passes the test, then this program is assumed as good file and the copy is made in the folder ADR. After preparing the initial copy, the ADR transactions include the entire file.

After every 12 hours of the first copy, QuickBooks create another update copy of that file. This process goes on, only when your accounting software is opened; otherwise, it will do this task next time when you start your desktop. As a result, now, you have the two copies, one is of 12 hours and another is of 24 hours.

In this way, your financial data back is created automatically with this amazing Auto Data Recovery feature. While using this feature, if you face any kind of trouble in your accounting software or need any queries answer, then you need to have the online technical support for QuickBooks accounting software. With it, you can have the quick resolution for any types of QuickBooks glitches and can have more information about this stunning Auto Data Recovery feature. QuickBooks technical support can be availed at any moment just by dialing a toll-free phone number. Read more at

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