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Is It End Of The Road For Windows 7 Tech Support?

helpline number for windows 7

Whenever any new operating system or any other program is launched by big brands, it likely they discontinue their existing support for the older versions in order to make people more interested in new products. This time, it is Windows 7 that will not see the light of day as the leading technology giant has stopped the manufacturing of Windows 7 consumer PCs. This way, the highly admired Windows operating system is finally bidding adieu to “mainstream support.” Like Windows XP, Windows 7 is also being retired from the Microsoft side and this decision will affect millions of Windows users who are still sticking to the most reliable and used operating system. Thanks to technical customer support for windows. This support will be available at 3rd party technical support providing companies for making the life of users of the older versions of the OS.

It means it is the end of the road for Windows 7 as it wouldn’t be receiving any new features or product changes. Be it the impressing-sounding DirectX 12 gaming technology or any other interesting feature, Windows 7 users will not be able to seek Microsoft’s free help if they run into an issue with Windows 7 either. Such users can take sigh of relief as there is a toll-free helpline number for windows 7. Technical customer service for Windows matters the most as it lets all Windows 7 users free from the tension of timely and instant help when they face networking, installation, compatibility, and operational issues.

Whenever a Windows desktop operating system says no to the mainstream support, it takes official entry into the extended support phase. It the same support phase where Windows versions prior to Windows 7 found themselves. If some users have already opted for extended Windows 7 support, they are likely to get critical security patches before the end of extended help plan. Interestingly, technical customer support for windows can be still availed with the help of certified Microsoft professionals employed by independent technical support providers.

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Windows users who have no idea how to understand the game of support for various Microsoft products can easily opt for Microsoft's Support Lifecycle for Windows to understand things better. Dialing a toll-free helpline number for windows 7 support can also make things happen in the favor of such people who have no idea of Windows support cycle. With the services of such a number, you can take help for all new as well as old versions of Windows in an effective manner.

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