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IPhone And iPad Not Connecting To A Wi-Fi Network? Find Fixes Here

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If your iPad or iPhone can’t connect with Wi-Fi network, there may be some problem either with your device or with your network. This Wi-Fi connectivity issues can happen with anyone, so you are not only the one who is facing such trouble. No, matter whether your are owning latest iPhone 7s, older iPhone Pro, iPad Pro or iPad Air, issues may happen with anyone. Anyway, there are lots of things that you can do your own without contacting a online technical help for iPad or iPhone. However, you can also go through the instruction shown in this post to have solution for Wi-Fi network issues. So, let’s follow that:

First, check that your router is on and you are in its’ range

If you are too far away from your network, you would not be able to have your network.

Be sure that your Wi-Fi is ON and your network is visible

For doing this, you first need to go on settings and then you need to click on Wi-Fi to check that it is turn on. Tap the name of your Wi-Fi network and check whether there is a blue check mark or not. If, it is there, you are connected.

Check the issues with your Wi-Fi network

If your iOS detect issue with your Wi-Fi, you may find recommendation with the Wi-Fi network you are connected. Here, you can have more solution information click on the Wi-fi network to have more solution.

Check all cables connected

If all cables are connected successfully and you don’t find any problem, you need to make sure that router is connected with your modem and is turned on.


To try more solution, you can try to restart your device, router, cable or DSL and then you again plug-in back. Here, you can also dial a technical customer help for iPhone or iPad.

Reset settings for network

For resetting network settings you need to click on Settings >General>Reset>Reset network settings. This process will also reset your password along with your network. While going through this setting process, you also make cellular settings, VPN and APN settings that you have used before.

While going through these above procedures your complete issues with iPhone and iPad would have resolved. However, if you need more information and help for Wi-Fi issues with your iPhone and iPad then you can dial an Apple technical support number to find perfect solution with no effort at all.

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