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Installing Canon Wireless Printer and Document Scanning on Canon Printer

Tech customer support number for Canon printer

By the help of wireless printer, you have the advantage of printing without wires. You can do this through one or more computers and successfully operate from anywhere be it home or the office. Because of the ease and convenience, this type of printing is popular and Canon, the flagship electronics company, too makes wireless printers of high quality operational all over the world. Because of the high brand value, printers from Canon are a symbol of advanced features and reliable as well.

Installation of Canon wireless printer

There is a difference when we install the ordinary printer and installation of a wireless printer. The same thing applies when you handle the Canon printers as well. If you follow the step by step procedure of installation, shall not find any difficulty. Alternately, in case you are facing any obstacle in the midway, tech customer support number for Canon printer is ready for you.

Installation procedure

First and foremost, eradicate the orange color tape and the protective materials that are outside the machine. Then you can open up the paper output tray and further lift up the scanning unit cover. You can see the ink cartridge folder but cannot stop right here. You can remove the material for security as well as the orange tape that is around it. After this, the scanning unit cover has to be closed. On the left side, you can find the power interface and in it can put the power cord. The other end of the cord has to be connected to the wall power outlet. In order to turn on the printer, you can switch it on by pressing the on button. For choosing the language, there is operation panel and then, you can click on the OK button. For resolution of any difficulty in this procedure, helpline support number for printer is an added option.

Document scanning in Canon printer

Canon printers are multifunctional because of the advanced technology associated with them. They have the capabilities to do the scanning and copying as well. Canon makes printers permitting you to scan to computer or any other location. It is important to install the printer first and then you can save the particular scan in the location and format that suits you. First of all, should attach the printer to computer. In case, you are doing the scanning for wireless Canon printer, make use of the display so that you can attach the printer to the same wireless network as used by the computer. After this, the computer should be in a position to trace it on the network. Read instructions for wi-fi set up.

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