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How To Upgrade Windows 8 To Windows 10?

Window tech support number

Windows 8 is known as the best operating system of Microsoft with an amazing start menu and user-friendly interface where a user can cherish the use of both touch and mouse in a great way. Now, free upgrading to Windows 10 has been ended, so now every Windows OS user needs to buy Windows 10. If you are a Windows 8 user and you have not still upgraded to Windows 10, then dial a technical support & help for Windows 10, so that you could have the latest Windows OS on your system with the help of expert technicians. Now, users will have to pay $119 to buy Windows 10. To the view for more info, click here:

For upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 10, users can also call on an online tech customer support help for Windows 8 and merely know that how they will be able to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10 without trouble.

 Let’s know about the things you needed in your system before installing Windows 10.

  • Your device needs to have open hard drive space of at least2GB Ram with 64- bit, 16 GB with 32 bit or 20 GB.You also need to have a card as Direct X9- capable.
  • Now, to update go to Start>PC Settings>Update and recovery, and then Windows update.
  • Backup the data of your computer.

Now, just follow the process to upgrade your Windows 8 to Windows 10. Process of upgrading is shown below:

  • First of all, go to the download page of Windows 10. Now, at the top of the you will find a button asking to upgrade now. Now, click on this button to download the client of Windows 10.
  • Now, double click to run Windows 10 client. You will find Pop-up as User account Control that you to allow this program to make changes on your system. Now, click on Ok and proceed further.
  • Now, Windows 10 will be downloaded and further move ahead with its setup process. This process of Windows setup may take an hour or your system may restart several times.
  • However, if you realize that Windows 10 is not suitable for you then you can easily go back to Windows 8 with a support of Windows technical support team. For more info about Windows 8,click here:

This way, you can easily upgrade your current Windows 8 into Windows 10 with no hassle. You may also call on Windows support number to get the most detailed information and support related to this latest Windows operating system. Read more about Superlative Methods to Resolve Common Windows 10 Issues at

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