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How To Upgrade Ram In Aluminum “Unibody” Mac Mini Models?

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Mac mini is actually a small desktop computer manufactured by Apple. There are varied types of versions of Mac mini that are being utilized by a large number of users worldwide. With its advent, many users were facing troubles for updating RAM, and thus they needed to dial frequently dial toll free technical customer support number for Apple to know the perfect procedure. Upgrading memory with “Unibody” Aluminum 13 inch MacBook models are not so simple to upgrade, but it can be made easy with a proper support.

About Aluminum Mac mini identification

Aluminum MacBook can be easily spotted, as these are the notebooks that are made from silver colored Aluminum. If notebook is branded as MacBook Pro as compared to MacBook, then it is completely different. These models can also be identified as 2254 EMC Number which is given on the bottom and look as tiny print. Its’ ‘ultimate look up features’ and ‘every MacApp’ can also be identifed with a serial number. You can also have live technical support for Apple Mac mini to receive the optimum help directly with skilled professionals. Read also about how to fix Apple Mac mini Bluetooth issues at

About Aluminum Mac mini Details

It has two memory slots that can be accessed by avoiding the access door, bottom case and battery. MacBook comes with 2 GB RAM with two slots of 1GB with 1066 DDR3and SDRAM. Both slots are applicable for each slot that can fulfill the specifications as shown below:

  • Memory Module format as DDR SO-DIMM which is called as Double data Rate Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
  • Its size can be ‘1.25 inch’ to ‘3.18 cm’.
  • Memory space is of 1GB or 2GB.
  • Pin present it are 204.

Maximum capacity to hold RAM

Earlier it has only capacity to hold 4GB RAM, but later with some test it has been shown that it can hold up to 6GB RAM. Further moving towards these tests it has also been showing that it can hold up to 8GB RAM. But, this can unstable the system and thus it was not recommended to install 8GB RAM. Later some expert’s shows that it can hold 8GB RAM with stability and this was only possible when users have upgrade with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Now, after confirming and completing all these updates and configurations you can upgrade Aluminum “Unibody” Mac mini models. Here, you can visit Apple official website to have the procedure or you may also dial an Apple technical support number to upgrade RAM in a perfect way. Contact reliable technical support to fix your issues quickly at

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