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How to Update Mac Parallels Desktop 8 to Parallels Desktop 11?

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Technologies are changing everyday at the fastest rate, but very few are able keep themselves updated with the latest technology. Many of the people are still using the older version software and did not upgrade the latest software on their system. Latest features of any of the software or program includes the advanced features that make you more comfort to use this software. Same here is with the Parallels desktop version 8 that need to upgrade with the Parallels Desktop version 11 on your Mac, so that you can enjoy more stunning features of it. Many of Mac users are frequently looking for the customer support for parallels to updating their Parallels Desktop 8 to the Desktop 11. Here, you will know that how you can change your Mac Parallels Desktop 8 in to the Parallels Desktop 11.

Firstly, you should know that only Parallels Desktop 9 and 10 can be upgraded to the Desktop 11 with respect to the licensing. It means that these users can freely upgrade to the Parallels desktop 11 version while the users with the Parallels Desktop 8 have to purchase the license version of the Parallels Desktop 11. This will make you to upgrade your existing Parallels 8 for desktop with 11. Once you install and activate the Parallels desktop 11, then it automatically gets activated on your Mac OS X and you do not require reinstalling Windows. You can also have Parallels desktop help with the experts of the Parallel technical support.

For upgrading to the Parallel Desktop 11 version you need to have the full version license and then it needs to download from the installer just by going through your order confirmation email. Once you have completed your installation be sure that your VMs are shut down. Now double click to upgrade with the 11 Parallel Desktop versions and then go through the instruction. Now you need to login to your Parallels account and enter the license key of it. In order to do all these activity of upgrading on your Mac OS X you can have Parallels for Mac support, so that you could not face any kind of difficulties while doing it.

After getting the Parallels account activated on your system, it will automatically present the Control Center along with your complete VMs setup that you have made in the past. You should always keep in mind that this tool will automatically get updated in your VMs, so do not interrupt this process on your first launch. This is tremendously important for the reliability of your favorite’s features between Windows and Mac and to make the proper installation of Parallel Desktop 11 on your Mac.

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