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How to Transfer QuickBooks Enterprises Data to QuickBooks Online?

quickbooks enterprise support phone number

QuickBooks Enterprises is the most flexible accounting software that moves together with your business, providing the complete tools needed to organize your business needs. It comes with amazing functionality to manage payroll, payments, inventory, accounting, and many others to understand business with modified reports. This way, QuickBooks Enterprises manage and store huge business data and information. Thus, sometimes users need to transfer QuickBooks Enterprises data to QuickBooks Online. To get it done in a perfect manner, users either need to have a technical support phone number for QuickBooks Enterprises or need to go through the procedure shown in this article post.

Before importing QuickBooks Enterprises data, you need to call on tech support number of QuickBooks to know about the things to be done before starting data migration. For further info, click here:

  • Users can only be able to transfer QuickBooks Desktop data within the starting 60 days of QuickBooks Online Company.
  • Users need to be as Administrator level users with their QuickBooks online account.
  • Users required to login to their Desktop file as an Admin user.
  • QuickBooks files must come under the file of 350,000 target.

After confirming all these above things, you can proceed for importing QuickBooks Enterprises data to QuickBooks Online. Let’s go through the steps shown below:

  • Open QuickBooks Enterprises solutions and press Ctrl+1 together to have window Product Information.
  • Now, press together Ctrl+b+q.
  • Now, close product information window by clicking on OK.
  • Now, you will get window as Sign in QuickBooks Online.
  • Enter login info for QuickBooks online, and then agree the terms and condition. Now, click on Submit.
  • Now, choose the online company where you want to transfer the data.
  • If your company file is too large, then you will get the import list to balance.

This way, you can successfully import QuickBooks Enterprises Data to QuickBooks Online. However, if your QuickBooks freezes while importing data, then you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Hold Alt+T together to get Tool menu and go to the Internet Options> Security tab, and then uncheck Enable protected Mode.
  • Now, click on Sites and add the link and to the trusted sites and click on Close.
  • Now, click on Zone and then uncheck Enable Protected Mode.
  • Now click on Apply and, then press OK.

After going through these above steps, you need to again import QuickBooks Enterprises data to QuickBooks online. This way, you can have the error free transfer of QuickBooks Enterprise data to QuickBooks Online. You can also read more about how to avoid QuickBooks issues at

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